First eye opener

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First eye opener

Unread post by Thecreeper » Tue Jan 14, 2020 9:33 pm

Hey all sorry this will be long

Back befor i had ever heard of yowies yahoos
Bigfoot etc family members and i had 1 very scary night that actually made my dad tell me to get on the net and look for sightings in the area.
We all still talk about this night so i thought id share it

Back in early 2006 my nan and pop bought a property in a little town call rugby in nsw its really quiet closest shops are atleast 40min either direction and the last 10km in either direction is dirt they would use it as a holiday house just to get away.

My mum sis and i had been down a few times that year but my dad hadnt had a chance as he was a night shift worked and and typical aussie didnt like taking holidays.
Late November we twisted his arm to go so we packed the car got on the road and met my nan and pop at crockwell about 10pm to follow them the rest of the way as we hadnt driven down there at night.

We arrived and unpacked the car by about 12am and listened to pop telling us about the massive dam they had just build when dad decided he wanted to go for a walk down to have a look.

The dam would of been almost a km walk from the house there was no moon so it was very dark and the only torch we all had was 1 of my uncles security guard handheld led torches that only reach about 5m haha

Anyway mum dad nan and i hed off into the dark while pop stayed back at the house with my little sister.
We had walked about 500m down past the machinery shed when we spotted a set of eyes from a very long way away alot further then the 5m we thought the torch could reach coming towards us long story short we didnt no my uncle had dropped his horse off at the property and after a quick pat he took off a million miles a hour naying and farting up the paddock which was weird and we kept on walking

We walked maybe another 100m and mum said to us to stop she could smell a bush fire or something so we stopped and after a bit we could all smell it nan said straight away maybe someone was squatting down near the dam so we kept walking
We got about 50m and mum says stop i can here a bush fire now so we had all stopped again sure enough u could here this sound that really sounded like a a bush fire rawing up a mountain then it stopped
The thing was it was no moon and so dark if there was a fire within 10km you would see the glow
Mum being a double blackbelt in karate she says lets keep going so as anyone would do walking in the dark with her we let her get ahead a little haha.
As we aproached the creek crossing near the dam we stopped again to find the crossing.

We would of only taken 10 steps towards the crossing and it felt as if all hell broke loose
We herd the raw of the fire but it sounded 1000x louder
Then we herd a massive thud then a noise like a big willow tree being toren in half as we all stood there wondering wat was going on we herd this noise of something flying threw the sky over us and something hit the fence about 50m behind us and crashed into the bush on the other side
We all ran for our lives back up the hill back to the house we got about 5m from the house and pop being a joker jumped out from behind the house and the words that came out of nans mouth cannot be added to this story
iv never seen my family so scared and shaken up we told pop about what happened and jumped in the cars and headed down there with the spotlight
We got down to where something hit the fence and found a massive brance from the willow tree sitting in the bush on the other side it was way 2 big for anyone to be able to throw it 70 plus metres
We drove down and across the creek and stopped at the willow tree alot of the grass below the tree was flattened and there was a crack in 1 of the limbs but other then that nothing there and we drove back up the house when dad told me to look up sightings of yowies and i had to ask him what that was
we never found sightings in that area but alot within 100km

2 days later dad and i jumped the fence and went for a walk down to a part of the creek pop said he had seen trout to have a fish as we were fishing we herd something big jumping threw the bush and a big roo come down to the water and had a drink then layed down
We kept fishing for about 20 mins when we herd something even bigger doing the same thing in the bush and dad said the roo must be heading off when the noise got alot louder and the roo that had come down for a drink quickly got to its feet and hopped off past us with terror in its eyes and dad said to run for it
I think dad and i ran faster to the house that day then
The night we had the run in

To this day talking about it and even writing this it still makes the hairs stick up on the back of my neck
Iv had a couple of things going on around my area lately and have since that day heard stories from my great grandma about the hairy man shes seen in nattai crossing the road and going threw bins at night and stories about down nattai village befor burragorang valley was flooded but nothing freaks me out like that night down the farm

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Re: First eye opener

Unread post by JohnnyAnonymous » Wed Jan 15, 2020 12:09 am

What a wonderful story how old would you have been when this happened?
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Re: First eye opener

Unread post by Thecreeper » Wed Jan 15, 2020 3:38 am

Hey mate i was 16

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Re: First eye opener

Unread post by paking79 » Wed Jan 15, 2020 8:30 pm

Great story thanks for sharing. (eek)

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