something i found on another forum i wanted to share with yo

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something i found on another forum i wanted to share with yo

Unread post by minmin » Sun Mar 18, 2007 11:02 am

HI All, new here
was talking to dean about this story that i read on another site and a exelent forum by the name of im sure some of you know it anyway came across this story hoping if anyone here in oz can shed some light on it.

My grandfather is one of the last aboriginal elders in Fremantle, he was born in a remote town called Wandering which is down the south of Western Australia on the way to Albany. He is one of many of my family, including myself who have had personal experiences with yowies. The nyoongar(tribe of Southern West Australia) people call the yowies, Woodarchies or Mumaries(spelt both how you would say the names) they are described as small like children, about 3 feet tall, covered with long dark hair, can run as fast as a horse can gallop and have double the strength of a human man. It was said in my family that they were known to abduct children by singing them away from their families whilst they were in the bush and take them as their own, my uncle as a child of 5yrs old was taken whilst the family was camping and was only found because of the collection of bottlecaps he had in his pocket and the noise that they made when he walked. He was a normal happy noisy child, but may father said that he was confused when he was found and couldn't remember why he had left the camp or what had happened.
A couple of years later my grandfather whilst hunting just out of Bodington witnessed two woodarchies roaming through thick bushland on a rocky outcrop. He was on the ridge of the gully and had a good view of the area but at first he thought it was two children because of their size, from the camping ground which was located about 1km away from where he was. He realised how fast they were traveling and as they got closer realised that they were covered in fur, but what ran with them was what scared him the most. Following both creatures was a naked adult woman, her hair was very long and he said she was filthy, but she was human. Needless to say he never went hunting on his own again. A few months later after mentioning what he had seen to a few select people Pop found out that a female child of 7 months old had disapeared from a car parked on the roadside whilst her father had releived himself amongst the trees some twenty years before.

Anyone here about this happend a while ago i think.

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Re: something i found on another forum i wanted to share with yo

Unread post by steven » Mon Mar 24, 2008 8:53 pm

ive herd that same storey from my mums boyfriend who was a hard working indignious man and he told me his brother or relative got taken by the yowie and his father is allo an elder and that the ratteling bottle caps in his pocket saved him some how
ive been intrested in yowies ,like the american bigfoot for years, i was allso a former member of 2 ufo reserch groups in the 70s and i dazel into electronics , of which i beleave may be usefull in the yowie feild,

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