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Escalation of strangeness

Posted: Fri Oct 30, 2015 10:38 pm
by Lozza
Don't know what to make of the reports of strange noises emanating from the sky worldwide,NASA announced that they were real but naturally occurring earth noises.That explanation is up there with the (its only a weather balloon ) excuse.The phenomenon was first reported as late as 2008 so apparently the earth was silent before then.Last week it was reported that an image of a city appeared in the sky over a province in China and also Ireland..maybe an optical illusion,maybe something else.Reports of cryptids,UFOs,crop circles are becoming more complex in design are escalating worldwide.

Re: Escalation of strangeness

Posted: Wed Nov 18, 2015 12:45 pm
by Lozza
UFO sightings have escalated worldwide since the 1940s when the first nuclear bombs were tested alerting multiple alien civilizations to our presence the tests would have been like a homing device to our position in the universe.Sightings around the worlds military bases have also escalated so they are interested and some people report assisting in our technological advancement.Many UfO reports are actually tests of crashed craft and of craft built by the scientists trying to emulate the technology.Interesting to note that every american president from George Washington to Barack Obama have reported seeing UFOs sometimes when they were children so that goes beyond mere coincidence,they apparently have knowledge of future events.Reports of abductions are also escalating so maybe they altering our DNA or as some abductees like Travis Walton have said they are creating a hybrid species which sounds incredible but could be true,they could want our natural resources.The fact that they are here is undeniable if you account for all the reports which now run into the thousands(remember it only takes one real report to make it true)..This in my opinion is the biggest issue that has unknown implications for mankind.Wish the words governments would tell the people exactly what were dealing with.