Real life invisibility cloak

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Real life invisibility cloak

Unread post by MW83 » Tue Oct 22, 2019 11:19 am

Is this how the yowies are able to remain undetected, by having a natural ability to bend light around themselves? ... k-21010342

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Re: Real life invisibility cloak

Unread post by bassplyr » Tue Oct 29, 2019 12:35 pm

Hyper stealth is interesting. But i dont believe yowies are cloaking (if they can cloak) by manipulating light around themselves. Hair doesn't have the abilities of metamaterials which can bend light around nano sized resonant circuits built into a mesh (more or less) and perform transformation optics .

Which isn't to say that nature cant evolve nanotechnology that manipulates light. Flowers utilize nanotechnology to attract bees via iridesance. By creating glowing blue halos around their petals. They achieve this by having microscopic grooves in the wax that coats the surface of the flower petals. These microscopic grooves reflect specific wavelengths (colours) of light that are beneficial to attracting bees for pollination. The blue halo. Bees see predominantly in blue. To picture this think of the underside of a dvd and how it scatters a rainbow of light. The indentations on the dvd scatter different wavelengths of light depending on the angle. Well nature evolved the way on some flowers to do the same thing hut for specific colours only. The colour of iridescence determined by evolutionary needs.

What if bigfoot does something similar with their hair follicles to scatter light in a way beneficial to camouflage? Here's a hypothesis.... The cuticle of yowie hair follicles (the part that covers the medulla and cortical) is naturally raised at intervals congruent with whatever colour of dominant wavelength the yowie evolved in. Oils and wax secreted and coating these raised cuticles and grooves are iridescent say in the same spectrum as the surrounding dirt or bark.

Iridescence is an evolutionary tool animals, especially bugs utilize to camouflage themselves. The iridescence helps to mask the shape and outline of the bugs to confuse predators from recognizing the light as a shape of their prey. And thus the prey is overlooked, ignored and not detected.

Maybe yowies do something similar as the above proposed mechanism to subtly break up their contours and silhouette. And then with the added tool of remaining very still our human eyes are conned into not recognizing and ultimately overlooking them. The effect wouldn't have to be spectacular like with the iridescence in a beetles shell or that of an abalone. Just subtle in one dominant wavelength (colour) that blends in with their natural habitat. Yowie from dry scrub areas might be iridecent in khacki and tans, others in lusher environment maybe brows and reds to match bark and the shadows of foliage.

Another idea is that maybe the pigmentation in yowie fur is missing rendering the follical semi translucent. Which then picks up the natural colours of its surroundings regardless of where they are. Helping to camouflage them.

I still believe that to fool humans yowies dont need any fancy evolutionary camouflage tricks. Simple bushcraft techniques that special forces and hunters use to minimize their presence and signature are probably all thats needed. Bigfoots are simply just pretty ninja. No paraphysic interdimensional
ufo hopping cloaking yowies need apply.

Dont evrn get me started on metamaterials and ufology "disclosure" i couod rant about that tangentially connected topic for hours.

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Re: Real life invisibility cloak

Unread post by rowbe » Tue Oct 29, 2019 3:38 pm

There are certain animals (primarily fish from what I have heard) that utilise a form of "chemical camouflage" to either hunt prey or hide from predators.

Bassplyr, your hypothesis is interesting! I agree though that in most cases unless the hairy moves we probably wouldn't see one. Also, for the average Joe unless they make themselves known, no one would even notice one in the bush.

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Re: Real life invisibility cloak

Unread post by Tonyk777 » Wed Nov 13, 2019 11:01 pm

As sound and light are essentially different frequencies perhaps inftrasound that Yowies are suspected of manipulating has some effect on perceived visibility of the viewer..

Besides highly developed stealth they may have a "super" power.


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